MEDIAWATCH: With TVNZ news room now in open revolt – can we risk a TVNZ/TVNZ merger?

And another one bites the dust…

Kamahl Santamaria saga: TVNZ news boss Paul Yurisich on leave during investigation

The head of news and current affairs at TVNZ is on leave during an investigation into the hiring of former Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria.

Paul Yurisich has been in the spotlight for the past week after Santamaria quit abruptly just 32 days into the job.

It is understood that Yurisich recruited Santamaria from Al Jazeera, where the pair also worked together.

Santamaria’s departure comes after allegations emerged of his inappropriate conduct with women.

…we have a full blown revolt in the TVNZ News room now.

Glorified quarter of a million dollar autocue readers are leaking to other media organisations, have the audacity to believe they make hiring decisions at the State Broadcaster WHILE destroying the career and reputation of any male journalist or news boss who cross them.

They are complaining about gender pay gaps and are angry they are being told to be professional.

It is an astounding meltdown at the country most woke news room (after RNZ, Stuff and The Spinoff).

Paul Yurisich must now be destroyed alongside International Sex Abuser Kamahl Santamaria because, you know, ‘patriarchy’.

When Stuff’s Woke Police claimed ‘lewd’ I thought Santamaria was sending dick pics and groping interns!

Let me see if I can get this completely straight, we are destroying a persons career and journalistic reputation based on an allegation he kissed a co-worker on the cheek (we are not sure how long ago that was) and sent an email saying ‘YOU are making it work, baby’ and the latest allegations are he messaged someone from an instagram account and sent a heart emoji?

What a fucking rapist!

Why aren’t we burning his house down, dragging his family and pets onto the front lawn and summarily executing them during a live cross with Matty?

Oh, that would be an over reaction? You mean like the over reaction to crucifying a mans career based on a handful of misdemeanours?

So we have a precious TVNZ staff angry Santamaria was appointed in the first place, who were looking for reasons to get rid of him, an allegation of an ‘inappropriate comment’ is made (we have not been told anything about this comment, but it’s interesting to note the last time Stuff claimed a broadcaster used an ‘inappropriate comment’ they utterly misled the country over the manner of that and it led to Martin Devlin being goaded into a suicide), then all of sudden we have a history lesson on Santamaria kissing a co-worker on the cheek and sending a ‘lewd’ email???

That’s the brittle micro aggression policing threshold for sexual harassment?

With a news room so gleefully willing to destroy itself for puritanical micro aggression policing, do we dare risk pouring vast resource into empowering this news room even further with the TVNZ/RNZ merger?

I honestly would not be surprised waking up at some stage over the next month and reading Santamaria AND Yurisich have self harmed.

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