MEDIAWATCH: Why David Parker had every right to attack Nicola Willis on AM Show

David Parker had every right to attack Nicola Willis on AM Show…

Ryan Bridge steps in when National, Labour panel takes ‘nasty’ turn on live TV

National’s Nicola Willis and Labour’s David Parker have clashed on AM after questions on crime and the falling prison population.

Willis, the National deputy leader, said people “aren’t feeling safe in their communities” and questioned when the Government would “establish a gang task force” and “introduce warrantless search powers” among other things.

But Parker hit back, saying the National member was making “misrepresentations” and was being “superficial”.

AM host Ryan Bridge had to step in, saying the political panel was becoming a “little tense, a little nasty”.

…Willis is the dumbest, stupidest National Party MP muppet in the game, and that’s saying something, because Simeon fucking Brown is in that pool!

Willis is in her position, not because she has any talent, but because Luxon is such a Handmaid’s Tale level anti-abortionist he has to be seen paired to a woman in permanent Pant Suits to make him look less cross burny.

Her bullshit and deplorable interview was such a river of shit masquerading as a debate, Ryan should have had her sent out of the studio to be hosed off before she was allowed to speak.

David had every right to get angry at her lies.





Let’s get into them shall we?

The debate was over crime and Willis was playing her usual bullshit ZB talking points which drove Parker to angrily shoot her down.

Ryan started by asking if those who have left Prison were ‘rehabilitated’.

The reason why the prison muster has fallen since Labour gook over is purely administrative.

Back in the good old days, a prisoner could get out of prison if they served a third of their sentence in prison without causing trouble, there were two main ideas behind this. The first was a means of forcing prisoners to self moderate their own behaviour for direct reward and the second reason for this was because EVERYONE understood that NZs prison system is a deeply corrupt and violent place and the longer a human being stays inside prison, the more damaged they come out.

We wanted a system that forced prisoner self moderation because we know the prison environment damages more than it reforms.

This system was felt to be too lenient by the tough on crime crew and the parole conditions were irreparably damaged and effectively sees everyone in the until 2/3 of their sentence now with all the damage keeping damaged men in a more damaged environment causes.

There was a small loophole left in the parole changes where prisoners could sign an application action to serve their term on home detention with an ankle bracelet. National never bothered to use this when they were in power and the prison muster exploded.

The moment Labour got in, the first thing Kelvin did was force Corrections to help the mostly illiterate prison population fill in the home detention application forms and THAT and THAT ALONE has seen the prison muster drop 20%, while the percentage of gang prisoners has gone up.

So, less low level criminals in prison because they are on home detention (which is where we want them because prison is so damaging) while the percentage of violent 501 and gang members has gone up. David was right to point out ‘the rules haven’t changed’ because Kelvin used the existing legislation to lower the prison muster by allowing prisoners to apply for home detention, a rule National had in place but because Corrections Staff hadn’t previously helped prisoners fill in the paper work, wasn’t happening.

Willis knows this, but instead of acknowledging the prison industrial complex she and her right wing Trolls have built, played the ‘soft on crime’ crap. She kept peppering David’s answer with tough on crime rhetoric.

“Labour is too soft on crime”, “Why didn’t establish a gang task force”, “Why didn’t you support warrantless searches”, “Why are you dropping the 3 strikes law”.

In response:

Labour are not ‘soft’ on crime, the driver for this gang war has been the imported 501s, not Labour policy.

A Gang Task Force is pointless if the Police Intelligence Unit is hopeless, this is an internal Policing management issue, the Police Minister can’t tell Police how to react operationally!

Willis accuses Parker of not supporting warrantless searches! The Police to date have carried out 750 warrantless searches against these warring gang members, the dumb muppet doesn’t even know the existing laws allow for warrantless searches!

As for 3 strikes, it’s a joke legislation that makes the angry feel like something is being done when it doesn’t do anything.

Willis was making total lies and falsifications up to throw shit at Parker and outrageously Ryan helped her do that.

It’s a reminder that the Left don’t just have the Right to fight, but Right wing media as well.


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