MEDIAWATCH: Verity Johnson asks ‘Why does the internet hate Amber Heard so much’? There are 2 reasons

Verity Johnson asks, ‘Why does the internet hate Amber Heard so much?‘, and it’s a good question because the septic hot mess vileness of the livestream defamation throws up the sickest burns and hate drenched hot takes that could only ever be matched if the Nuremberg Trials were live-streamed today.

People fucking hate her, but on a very, very, very deep level that goes beyond garden variety misogyny, I think there are 2 reasons why the internet hates Amber Heard so much.

1: Cultural backlash against woke #MeToo crusaders trying to burn ‘To Kill a Mockingbird

Since 2016, the #MeToo movement went from a righteous stand against harassment and sexual assault into a quasi religious belief system.

Severe 5th wave feminist dogma mixed with non binary activist dogma with Queer Dogma alongside Critical Race Theory and Critical Gender Theory to create an intellectual blancmange of intersectionist identity politics that stated all white people were irredeemable racists, every male was a rapist and anyone supporting free speech was a uniform wearing Nazi.

We went from taking accusations seriously to ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E Women’, because all men are rapists and their toxic masculinity makes them lie, where as women never would lie.


And if you said otherwise and disagreed with an evidential threshold being whatever someone said on Twitter, then you were a rapist as well.

Sure some innocent men might be destroyed in the process, but it’s far better 10 innocent heteronormative cis white males are punished than one walks free.

Woke Lynch mobs went lynching, social media currency to expose your wounds was rewarded and a movement with all the nuance of Māo’s cultural revolution raged around social media cancelling and deplatforming with all the glee of Trump at an all you can eat McDonald’s buffet.

Until the Amber Heard case.

Here we had someone who epitomised the #MeToo movement, and after promising the ACLU $3.5m to be their new ambassador, the ACLU pitched the op-ed to The Post and ghostwrote it for her while she made herself the face for domestic violence while destroying Depp’s reputation.

For many who had spent the last 6 years watching the woke scream ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN ALWAYS’ and their intersectionist stance that due process was a heteronormative white cis male privilege that could just be ignored, the backlash has been all encompassing and as unforgiving as the woke were.

The level of animosity isn’t just about Heard, it’s the entire Woke Salem Witch Trial level of evidence required to destroy someone’s reputation these days and everyone who participates in social media understands and knows that fear of being attacked publicly on social media by a woke crusade that maliciously smears you.

This is a cultural backlash against the excess of ‘B-E-L-I-E-V-E ALL WOMEN ALWAYS’, apparently even those who shit in your bed.

2: The Chinese State Department 

The second reason is probably the Chinese State Department. I’m amazed by how much my 12 year old Daughter and all her friends are very engaged and up to date on the Ukraine, Roe vs Wade and why Amber Heard is such a terrible Mean Girl ‘pick me’.

Tik Tok, China’s mass surveillance answer to Facebook, is pumped full of Ukrainian war stories, Roe vs Wade rants and how much a bitch Amber Heard is.

Tik Tok’s reach as a source of understanding the world around your children is even more insidious than Facebook’s manipulation of adults.

I fear once China understands how much power they have over the West with Tic Tok that my Daughter will be arguing with me why the People’s Army of China must take back Taiwan by the end of this decade and glory to the Motherland!

I digress.

Amber Heard looks like she’s the girl who cried wolf and used the culture of victim virtue signalling as a publicity move, and that’s the true cost of this awful trial.

For every Amber Heard who is dramatically catastrophising every micro aggression as emotional genocide there are a 100 actual victims of domestic violence suffering in pain.

This case can not and must not be allowed to eclipse the true scourge that is real domestic violence.

This case reeks of privilege, it doesn’t smell of one sided domestic abuse at all, but that might just be the stench of the shit she apparently took in his bed, which is totally justified because you know, ‘patriarchy’.


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