MEDIAWATCH: TVNZ Breakfast vs AM Show

Both shows have been on air for about a month and both shows are awful now.

I think the advertisers are clearly and obviously chasing a female consumer for the benefit of the advertisers and this has led to TVNZs set now looking like a middle class kindergarten with yoga, vegan, mindfulness options alongside teachers who correct te reo pronunciation and demand pronouns while The AM Show just has Ryan’s balls pickled in a jar next to the living wall and laid back couches.

I watch AM Show and Breakfast to see Ryan and John do hard interviews with powerful people, but apparently that’s too much testosterone in the morning for the new target demos so B team on both shows get to share the interviews now, and sadly are usually pretty hopeless.

Matty has every right to look concerned!

I mean, bless Matty, but he’s the weather host and a prince of lite weight entertainment. What insight is Matty going to give me on geopolitics I don’t already know?

Same with the AM Show, it’s like the female co-hosts can feel the viewers disappointment that they are asking the questions and not Ryan.

The AM Show’s new weather host just makes me sad. So very sad. The move from world famous tic tocker (or whatever it was he was on social media) to hosting live TV is an enormous cavern that we can all hide our cringing at his awkwardness inside.

Like Godzilla’s holiday bach of shame.

So the reason I tune in, to see Ryan and John eviscerate powerful people, is now a shared task to undermine the heteronormative white cis male patriarchy of broadcasting to sell more stuff to female consumers?

Sigh. Great.

I think all the male audiences have fled to podcasts anyway.

News that John Campbell is stepping down from Breakfast is the nail in that coffin in terms of me watching TVNZ Breakfast again.

And I’m grateful for that.

I’ll tune back into AM when I know Ryan is asking the questions.

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