MEDIAWATCH: The true cost of the Amber Heard Vs Johnny Depp trial

It’s just so awful, and none of us can look away.

The ugliness of the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp defamation case is set against a #MeToo backlash and a new micro aggression policing culture that redefines violence as a subjective feeling where everyone must believe every allegation.

It’s a brave new world in which ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ is recast as a heteronormative white cis male patriarchal hate crime, where roving woke lynch mobs are ready to deplatform anyone accused of anything on Twitter because feminists never lie.

The Salem Witch Trials had more procedure.

So against this social media backlash, comes the Heard/Depp trial where Heard used innuendo and the new definitions of subjective violence to destroy Depp’s career.

To date, Depp comes across like a pretty moody and self involved coke head who likes to dress up as a depressed pirate cowboy, but I can’t see how any of that’s a surprise.

He doesn’t come across like the violent wife beater Heard has attempted to cash in on and the accusations of physical abuse haven’t been corroborated at all, and in most cases look deceptive.

Begging to reconcile the relationship after a 12 month separation isn’t helping her case.

It looks like she’s the girl who cried wolf and used the culture of victim virtue signalling as a publicity move, and that’s the true cost of this awful trial.

For every Amber Heard who is dramatically catastrophising every micro aggression as emotional genocide there are a 100 actual victims of domestic violence suffering in pain.

This case can not and must not be allowed to eclipse the true scourge that is real domestic violence.

This case reeks of privilege, it doesn’t smell of one sided domestic abuse at all, but that might just be the stench of the shit she apparently took in his bed, which is totally justified because you know, ‘patriarchy’.


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