MEDIAWATCH: The Spinoff go full woke on LOTR

One of the problems with Woke identity politics is that it manages to eclipse far greater issues.

We’ve seen it in poverty and Police profiling and we see it every week in Stuff, RNZ, TVNZ and especially at Government funded Spinoff.

When the Spinoff aren’t using public funding to rank the best ice blocks, they are constantly using the lens of identity politics to fuck up any insight or oversight.

Take their coverage of the Steinlarger advert.

The Spinoff were very cross with the Steinlarger TV advert because white people are made to look like the heroes and grrrrrrrr identity, diversity etc etc etc.


If we are finished with the identity politics remix isn’t there a far more serious problem with this Steinlager TV advert romanticising the nuclear free protests?

L-I-K-E…the fact that Steinlager is owned by Lion, Lion owned by Kirin, Kirin is owned by Mitsubishi and Mitsubishi owns Uranium mines all around the planet?

Steinlager is doing nuclear free protest TV adverts all the while their Corporate master owns some of the largest Uranium Mines on earth!

Isn’t that a tad more hypocritical and far more damning than the identity politics lens that the Woke are locked into?

They’ve embarrassingly done the same thing with their review of the legacy of the LOTR…

Why we shouldn’t glorify Lord of the Rings

…For the taxpayer funded Spinoff the issue is that there aren’t enough trans Elves and Maori hobbits to bring diversity to the Lord of the Rings!

Note, it’s not how Peter Jackson and John Key gerrymandered the funding and passed law to help a corporation screw over NZ workers, oh no, you get the honest feeling that if LOTR had a love scene between lesbian Orcs and Trans dwarves it would be getting a standing ovation at The Spinoff!

Actual real world workers getting fucked over by a large corporation is the issue with the LOTR legacy, it’s not the lack of bisexual mothers transitioning as leads.

When you see everything through the identity politics lens, class always goes missing.

Never go full woke.


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