MEDIAWATCH: The Nation – Faafoi’s Hate Speech Law will end Labour

Fascinating interview with Chris Faafoi on The Nation about the Government’s next vote loser, the Hate Speech fiasco.

The advice when you are a Labour MP is that you appear on The Nation if you have bad news to break. Most people don’t watch The Nation and you can point to an interview on that show as evidence that you have opened yourself to critical journalistic critique when it’s just 10 people watching.

Chris is now drowning over the Hate Speech fiasco…

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi admits Government’s proposed hate speech laws are still not ready

Justice Minister Kris Faafoi says the Government’s hate speech laws are still not ready despite planning on introducing them to Parliament early this year.

…the reality is that Jacinda wants the harshest restraints on hate speech possible and the SIS and GCSB are now whispering in her ear that the lumpenproletariat Nazis are coming and the micro aggression policing middle class marxists scream hate speech leads to macro violence.

So the PM wants harsh hate speech laws, the intelligence apparatus wants new mass surveillance powers and the woke activist base can’t wait to start narking on anyone with an opinion that is different from theirs in the never ending Outrage Olympics of Twitter.

Unfortunately for Chris the 75% rest of NZ view Labour gaining Hate Speech powers as an Orwellian over reach and as the new infrastructure for the Police State being quietly redesigned in the back ground after the lumpenproletariat Nazi picnic gets revealed, that 75% will become even more enraged.

Chris is caught between a woke rock and a cancellation hard place.

He wants to resign from Cabinet so badly and you can see why.

The Hate Speech fiasco where woke activists will demand a misuse of pronouns should be a criminal offence will freak the other 75% out.

This Hate Speech fiasco will be the last nail in Labour’s coffin.

Chris knows it.


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