MEDIAWATCH: The most emotionally manipulative NZ TV advert?

It starts off so sad, a limping widower driving to visit his beloved wife and laying down flowers at her grave.

You sense the deep sadness and loss, there’s almost a magical quality in allowing male grief to even be articulated so sensitively in an age where anything male is labeled toxic.

We are drawn in with the widower, we attach emotionally as he struggles to find the new blossom of companionship in his weary face.

We see his spark come alive as he drives past a kennel and watch him select a new puppy to take home to cure his painful loneliness until he notices a 3 legged dog and we see him select this dog while showing us as he bends down THAT HE HAS ONE LEG!!!

And we cry tears of joy, sobbing at the beauty of it all and then you find out it’s a fucking advert for Trust Power!

It’s like having a passionate ménage a trois in the dark only to have lights go on and realize you are in a 3 way with Ronald McDonald and Colonel Sanders.

You feel dirty, used and greasy. Very greasy.

I’m all for being emotionally manipulated, but not by energy corporations!

All that said, it’s still a billion times better than that fucking Electric Kiwi advert, am I right?


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