MEDIAWATCH: The Media are the biggest problem in this Parliament protest

In his latest column, Marc Daalder sums up all that is wrong with the mainstream media coverage of the Parliament protest.

Yes, the factions that have been promoting this lunacy are powerful and backed by extremist American Dark money, but this entire fiasco was falling over on Wednesday night, Marc even acknowledges that the largest faction leader had left on Thursday morning.

Yet he covers off the moment Trev threw a tantrum and sent in the cops that radicalised this event as a one sentence throw away!

As police began pushing onto Parliament grounds in an effort to remove tents at around 8:30am, Counterspin agitators called for protesters to form a human barrier against the officers. The official convoy organisers blared in all caps on their Telegram channel “EVERYONE NOW PLEASE WALK AWAY BACK TO THE ROAD”. Instead, the protesters pushed back and the arrests started.

I’m sorry, “As police began pushing onto Parliament grounds in an effort to remove tents at around 8:30am”, you meant to say, when Trev threw a tantrum and put out a 10 hour live streamed recruitment video of Police smacking down a protest that saw a naked woman dragged out by her hair, arresting 120 who are now martyrs to the cause’?

Is that what you meant to write Marc?

Because I’m not sure if you noticed, but that act of stupidity has been incredibly fucking counter productive hasn’t it Marc?

Daalder epitomises the Nietzsche quote, “Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you”, Marc see’s White Supremacist Nazi’s evertytime he closes his eyes.

He, like all mainstream media,  can not see that it was Trevor’s decision to try and force these lunatics off the Lawn that actually empowered and recruited people to this madness!

Sure there is American Dark Money involved here.

I’ve been making that argument since they interfered in the cannabis referendum, but Trevor is providing the fucking ammunition for those Steve Bannon and Qanon lunatics to recruit even more to the cause!

Remember, this was going to fall over on Thursday morning right up until Trev started bashing heads and arresting people.

I note none of the journalism outlets taking Government money have criticised Trevors spectacular cluster fuck – is this investigative journalism is it?

Trevor fucked up, and the mainstream media cowering behind him for protection will not criticise him for his fuck up or the myriad of childish and spiteful tricks he’s playing that is only provoking things more.

By refusing to criticise Trevor, the mainstream media are aiding and abetting this madness!

Daalder and his taxpayer funded media mates need to find the enemy anywhere except in Trevors actions.


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