Mediawatch: Stuff’s woke crusade vs Free Speech

Over at the wokest media in NZ (behind RNZ and The Spinoff obviously), Stuff argues there isn’t really any free speech fight in NZ at all…

Permission to speak freely: Is free speech under threat?

The cancellation was both bizarre and completely predictable. Even those who were cancelled didn’t look entirely surprised by it.

This happened in Auckland on Tuesday. Activist Daphna Whitmore​ hoped to present a public talk at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) on the subject of “feminism, advocacy and free speech”.

Those on campus would have heard Whitmore lead “a discussion about free speech in the context of often polarising transgender-gender-critical feminism debate”, according to a Facebook post.

…it’s good to see Stuff following up on TDB stories, but having the wokest media in NZ (behind RNZ and The Spinoff obviously) deny there is a woke Lynch mob deplatforming and cancelling anything that triggers them is a bit like the Russian version of Seven Sharp covering military casualty rates or having mommy bloggers review Dancing with the Stars and sex toys.

I mean sure, you could have a mommy blogger review Dancing with the Stars and sex toys, but who in their right mind would read that? It would be like a Suburban Hell of mediocrity endlessly regurgitating into its own mouth.

Why would anyone read that? Why?

I’m digressing.

Personally I’m surprised Stuff hasn’t received death threats against their pets for platforming TERFs in a debate over Free Speech.

Journalists have a unique relationship with woke Twitter. If they feed the needs of their readers dogma, they get praise, if they challenge the dogma of their woke audience, they get deplatformed and cancelled.

It’s like how the Green Party is held hostage by their woke activists.

I like the punches that were pulled.

The article doesn’t note that there was an attempt to cancel Dr Bryce Edwards.

The article doesn’t note the way Rachel Stewart was cut out of MILKED or had her guns taken from her.

The article doesn’t note that there was a successful media complaint against the way the Listener 7 were treated.

The article is joyful at the end by the letter from academics calling out misogyny as the last failing roll of the dice to defend woke dogma but one could argue that misogyny is part of a stress response to wider economic and social backlashes and is as much a sign of the time as ram raids and teenagers.

This article dresses the Identitarian vs Class schism up as free speech over reaction for glorious progress, but all Stuff is attempting to do here is minimise the damage the woke Lynch mobs cause because its audience are avid lynchers.

The cult of woke and the million ideological knife fights it has caused on a thousand different social fronts will be punished when voters can vote anonymously without fear of social retribution for their views.

Pure temple politics alienates unless its your tribe doing the alienating.



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