MEDIAWATCH: Stuff’s new NAZI terrorist scare mongering is the bestest!

The self-proclaimed ‘sheriffs’ who want to arrest the authorities

On a Tuesday afternoon last month, around two dozen people joined a Zoom meeting to decide whether to sentence the New Zealand Government to death.

This group, calling itself a “grand jury”, was led by Australian woman Sandra Crack, who has claimed to be the “chief sheriff” of Australia.

A day earlier, the group had ruled that the Government was no longer legitimate, and agreed that all laws passed since 1987 were fraudulent and thus void. Now, they would be the arbiters of justice in New Zealand.

“Your vote carries the weight of a jury,” Crack told the participants.

I love the fear mongering that Stuff is embarking upon – it used to be ‘reds under the bed’, Māori radicals and Muslims who were terrorist threats – now it’s feral lunatic antivaxxers who are as dangerous as your average Dungeons & Dragons fantasists.

Ever since the Wellington Middle Class Marxists screamed ‘NAZI’ at the smelly lumpenproletariat on Parliament’s lawns, the woke have been desperate to conflate any threat to justify their twitter outrage.

These feral lunatic fantasists with their weird sovereign citizen nonsense are as much a threat as religious fanatics who believe in the cannibalistic ritual of devouring their zombie saviours flesh and blood, you know, Catholics.

The need to cancel and deplatform others for believing something different to you, and you being triggered by the mere concept of a difference of opinion, is fuelling this paranoia amongst the woke and the corporate media echo chambers for that audience dutifully terrify their consumers with more clickbait.

We look back on the way the Mainstream Media framed Muslims post 9-11 as Terrorists in disgust.

We look back on the way the Mainstream Media framed Mccarthyism in disgust.

We look back on the way the Mainstream Media framed Māori as Urewera terrorists in disgust.

But the Middle Class Marxists will cheer Stuff and their woke corporate media’s crusade against fantasists and scream ‘something must be done’.

Meet the new moral panic, same as the old moral panic.

If these clowns are this identifiable from a zoom meeting, we should be grateful their lunacy can be monitored without the need for the new mass surveillance police state that the woke so cravenly desire.

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