MEDIAWATCH: Stuff want more TVNZ blood for Santamaria

Stuff is on the hunt, they want more TVNZ blood for the appointment of Santamaria.

The problem of course is we still don’t know what the hell Santamaria said to another TVNZ staff member that was so inappropriate because one version of what happened was Santamaria cursing the IDF and Israel for the assassination of his former Al Jazeera colleague, interpreting that as ‘inappropriate’ would be the most grotesque misrepresentation since Amber Heard.

Let’s not forget the last time Stuff claimed a broadcaster made ‘inappropriate comments’ was the Martin Devlin case where Stuff misrepresented Devlin’s actions and goaded him into a suicide.

When we all found out what the ‘inappropriate comments’ were (it was Devlin dressing down a younger worker for shitting on NZME on the news floor) we were all outraged at the manner in which Stuff twisted the story to suit their woke narrative.

Without actually knowing what Santamaria actually said, all that’s happened is a journalist with 16 years experience has had his reputation destroyed by a TVNZ News room who were angry he had been appointed in the first place because as glorified $250 000 autocue readers, they have the RIGHT to decide who gets hired.

Meanwhile the Stuff Lynch mob howls for more blood.

I can’t tell the difference between a Sensible Sentencing Trust Lynch mob and a Woke Lynch mob any longer.

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