MEDIAWATCH: So Stuff are crucifying a Journalist’s career because of a ‘lewd’ email & a kiss???

“YOU are making it work, baby” – THAT’S Stuff’s definition of a ‘lewd’ email?

What sort of double fisted pearl clutching is this?

When Stuff’s Woke Police claimed ‘lewd’ I thought Santamaria was sending dick pics and groping interns!

Let me see if I can get this completely straight, we are destroying a persons career and journalistic reputation based on an allegation he kissed a co-worker on the cheek (we are not sure how long ago that was) and sent an email saying ‘YOU are making it work, baby’ and the latest allegations are he messaged someone from an instagram account and sent a heart emoji?

What a fucking rapist!

Why aren’t we burning his house down, dragging his family and pets onto the front lawn and summarily executing them during a live cross with Matty?

Oh, that would be an over reaction? You mean like the over reaction to crucifying a mans career based on a handful of misdemeanours?

So we have a precious TVNZ staff angry Santamaria was appointed in the first place, who were looking for reasons to get rid of him, an allegation of an ‘inappropriate comment’ is made (we have not been told anything about this comment, but it’s interesting to note the last time Stuff claimed a broadcaster used an ‘inappropriate comment’ they utterly misled the country over the manner of that and it led to Martin Devlin being goaded into a suicide), then all of sudden we have a history lesson on Santamaria kissing a co-worker on the cheek and sending a ‘lewd’ email???

That’s the brittle micro aggression policing threshold for sexual harassment?

It’s a public servant you have accused of sexual harassment

This is starting to feel like that time Mallard claimed a rapist was loose in Parliament because Trev wanted to get down with the kids and use the woke interpretation of ‘rape’ which is, ‘if you feel raped, you’ve been raped’.

Post MeToo, due process is now a heteronormative cis male privilege and a mere allegation is the new evidential threshold.

Men didn’t fear a witch hunt post MeToo because Harvey Weinstein clearly proved there were monsters out there to hunt, what men feared was a witch trial, and this desire to convict on nothing more than the word of a woman (because women are morally superior to men and would never lie because you know, ‘patriarchy’), is the reason why the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial has become the backlash moment it’s exploded into.

I honestly would not be surprised waking up at some stage over the next month and reading Santamaria has self harmed.

Watching the mob in full Lynch mode based on nothing more than hearsay and innuendo is what we are now.


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