MEDIAWATCH: SIGH – ‘THIS’ is what the painfully serious Left thinks is a ‘victory’

Oh Dear.

Over at the painfully serious Left Standard, ‘this’ is what they consider a ‘victory’.

Complaint about RNZ use of Bryce Edwards article upheld

I am not sure what is happening at Radio New Zealand.  It may be that the proposed merger with Television New Zealand is playing on staff morale.  These sorts of king mergers tend to shake jobs loose and can understandably cause stress to staff.

But it still has a job of impartially reporting the news and call me biased but I sense a considerable amount of anti Government commentary.

Two recent incidents back this feeling up.

…when the painfully serious Left are holding up petty editorial wins on technical language regarding Labour’s promises and its poorly planned underwhelming results, you know the Left are fucked.

Never mind the  24 000 waiting for emergency housing, the thousands doomed to motel life existence or the 200 000 kids in poverty or the outrageous imbalance of power between the richest 10% or the rest of us, never mind entire generations locked out of home ownership – NO FUCK ALL THAT COMRADES! BRYCE EDWARDS WAS PUNISHED FOR A TINY EDITORIAL INFRINGEMENT!

The NZ Left are either woke indentitarians doing all they can to alienate voters from the Left or ‘serious Left’ tragics who think winning a media complaint against a well respected researcher who has a point about Labour’s crap delivery is somehow a great victory for Labour.

If Labour, the Greens AND the Māori Party form a Government next year, it will be despite their activists, not because of them.


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