MEDIAWATCH: Regarding Kamahl, remember the last time Stuff claimed inappropriate comments of a broadcaster?

I know, I know, I know.

Stuff are suggesting the reason Kamahl left TVNZ Breakfast was because of inappropriate comments.

Before we start the Lynch mob and ritualistic crucifixion of Kamahl, does everybody remember when Stuff made the exact same claim against Martin Devlin and it turned out that the inappropriate comments they alluded to were Devlin dressing down an employee who was shitting all over NZME at work?

Remember how Stuff’s allegations goaded Martin into a suicide attempt because of the lies?


So Stuff, who are always trying to Kamahl find the next MeToo monster, are doing the exact same thing they did with Devlin to and no one is pausing and just charging ahead with the witch burning?


Could I humbly suggest we don’t actually know what has happened here and maybe before going full Lynch mob, we should wait until we actually know anything?

Once upon a time people were innocent before being proven guilty.


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