MEDIAWATCH: Q+A Review: Key on China gives chilling insight to National’s acquiescence to Beijing

The National Party are nothing more than a front for Chinese Business interests, so John Key who engineered our ‘all our cows in one Chinese paddock’ strategy is on explaining why we should suck up to our Chinese Overlords.

He blames Trump for the change in China narrative rather than the domestic working classes being burnt by neoliberal free market economics that exported jobs to the deepest, darkest most de-unionised parts of China thanks to global supply chains.

Key needs to defend China’s authoritarianism and down play it because National is riddled with Chinese compromise.

Key is right that Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was dangerous and provocative at a time when we urgently need to de-escalate the growing frisson between Washington and Beijing but his total acquiescence to China shows you just how far National will bend over backwards to China if they take power in 2023.

Chairman Key’s mass surveillance state loves Chairman Xi’s mass surveillance state and his apologist position towards China is cringe worthy.

The manner in which he shrugs off the organ harvesting, cultural genocide, territory taking, investment debt traps, geopolitical posturing, spying and brutal authoritarianism and vast human rights breaching just because he sees a chance to make money in China is just so venal you can actually see the glow in his eyes when he thinks about the profit margins.

It’s just amazing to watch him show us what he is with no self awareness whatsoever.

It’s so good to see the master at work.

He argues that we need to cherish our new Chinese Overlords and ‘achieve change’ by showing respect.

One would argue that we need to remain independent rather than craven, but no one does craven like John.

Jack reminds Key about calling NZ a smug hermit kingdom when China have continued with zero tolerance, and asks if after all the praise Key heaped on China, does that criticism extend to China?

Key laughs and says it is a very large smug hermit kingdom.

He gives Luxon 10 out of 10 which seems ludicrous.

This interview is hilarious because it happens while the legal case against Chinese Business Interests attempting to buy Labour and National is being debated in Court right now!

Sylvia Wood has been appointed the new Party President. The manner in which Goodfellow set up her coronation is still being challenged but the extraordinary insight was Luxon’s ignorance that the youth benefit he has been so angrily denouncing includes young people with illness, sickness and disability!



He wants to bash young people on benefits BUT DIDN’T KNOW those numbers included the disabled, the sick and the ill?

That, that’s amazing.

That is such jaw dropping ignorance of the people he’s trying to bully, it’s like attacking a Hindu for 9/11.

How on earth is Luxon being this poorly advised?

The never ending issue of the bloody port is being debated again.

Efeso is passionate.

Vic didn’t seem to know she was being interviewed.

Wayne Brown seemed confused.

Leo Molloy’s casual acknowledgement that he will hand over the keys for the Stadium he’ll build in the 12th year of his Mayoralty was very funny.

Nothing will ever happen. Ever.



I will die before anything ever happens to that bloody Port.

Oscar is on. He’s just the best and news he is joining local politics is a blessing because he’s such a legend.

Our legacy of treating Pacific People poorly is never talked about enough and the climate crisis demands a new way of interacting with our Pacifica Whānau.

His intelligence and his depth matter.

His defence of his art in these dreadfully woke times also matters.

Jack does an excellent job of exploring Oscar’s values and thoughts, we would be blessed getting him into Politics!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Q+A during conference weekend where the Leader didn’t appear. Luxon is wobbly.

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