MEDIAWATCH: Q+A – Chris Luxon train-wreck while Willie Jackson shines

Wow, this was a train wreck interview by Luxon!

Why on earth did Luxon’s handlers think he was ready for Jack?

This interview was a brutal take down of National’s bullshit claim that Labour are causing inflation, Jack kept pushing him on what exactly he would cut in terms of spending and as he did, Jack kept adding that total up and pointed out it’s a few percentage points of total spending!

This is less an interview and more a homicide – Luxon is good at the spin and talking points & hopeless at details!

He stumbles poorly with the tax cuts issue.

The problem with the rights tax cut argument is the pittance given to the poor always looks pathetic when you see how much they are getting! Average wage earners will gain $800 per year while Luxon will get $18000 each year!

Why haven’t Luxon’s handlers given him the answer to the tax issue which is Luxon should offer to donate his tax cut to a charity.

Luxon refutes the premise of Jack’s question while Jack is grilling Luxon on National’s Covid response suggestions and Luxon fails appallingly

All Luxon has are ZB talking points! He has no solutions whatsoever- moving tax brackets should be a vote winner but he has tripped himself up on all the other contradictions – he can’t do a serious interview with a baller like Jack and not look stupid.

This was a tragic decision to put Luxon on with Jack.

No one can look at that interview and feel confidence in Luxon. He’s great at the spin and good at the sale pitch but as soon as he starts getting grilled it all falls over.

Dare I say he has David Shearer disease?

Wow that was bad.

Willie on the other hand shone.

Finally on the show after the funerals of his Mother and Uncle and after being struck down by Covid, he’s back and came out swinging on co-governance.

Willie remains one of Labour’s best communicators and Ministers. He has class, he has wit and he has the answers.

He’s a Woking class bloke who started on the floors of the Freezing Works and has cut his political teeth using blunt language.

He unfolds the co-governance issue and explains that there is no Māori take over and that it is a partnership that pakeha doesn’t have to fear.

There is vigorous debate over the values of democracy, Willie points out it isn’t superiority Māori are looking for, it’s equality.

Jack pushes back and it’s a great exchange of ideas.

The difference between the Willie interview and the Luxon interview is that Jack is hard on both of them, but Willie is the one with the actual answers.

Brilliant public broadcasting.


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