MEDIAWATCH: Paula Bennett was traumatized after Politics? You know who else was traumatized after Paula left Politics? The State Tenants she destroyed!

I’m sorry, what?

Paula Bennett: ‘Collateral damage’ – I had trauma to work through after politics

Oh, Paula had trauma to work through after politics did she?

You know who else had trauma to work through after Paula left politics?

The thousands of State Tenants her government forced from State Houses using lies about Meth contamination that fuelled a homelessness crisis while her Government were quietly privatising state housing!

I don’t give 5 shits about Paula’s fucking ‘trauma’! This is what happens when identity politics trumps class, every white female middle manager can claim victimhood and their actions utterly ignored.

I don’t care about Paula’s ‘trauma’, I care about the damage she caused thousands and thousands of the poorest families using fake science and a moral panic to ensure there was no sympathy for state tenants at a time her Government were selling State Houses!

How dare she have the audacity to treat her column as a group therapy session where she gets to play the victim! The irreparable damage she caused the poorest amongst us during her reign of terror is a wound the poorest amongst us never recovered from.

Fuck her trauma!

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