MEDIAWATCH: Newshub Nation review: Rebecca Wright destroys David Seymour

Look, to be honest I don’t tend to watch Newshub Nation, their panel is always disappointing and underwhelming, but if Rebecca Wright is going to continue interviewing people, I have to make an effort and tune in because sweet Jesus Christ she destroyed David Seymour this weekend in an interview so excruciating you should probably take time to watch it for the pure sadistic glee of seeing Seymour stumped for the first time since I’ve watched him as a politician.

He wants to use the IRD to go after the gangs, which is fine and dandy but as Wright righteously pointed out, asking Gang members to fill in a form for the tax man or else is kinda like telling Donald Trump not to eat KFC, like sure, you can ask, but  Donald won’t listen, and neither will the gangs!

To be fair to David, the point he was trying to make is the State use the IRD harshly against law abiding citizens, why shouldn’t they be used against criminals, but Rebecca’s point stands, if you are an average Gang member, you aren’t going to be filling in your taxes annually!

This is a problem because the issue at hand is incredibly dangerous.

The 501 syndicates source their meth from South American cartels, they are prepared to use counter intelligence tactics totally outside the sophistication of the NZ Police, if we allow these organised crime syndicates to start seeing NZ as a legitimate market for meth we are fucked because their corrosive corruption is utterly beyond our capacity to counter.

What David should be pushing for is a specific branch of the Serious Fraud Office who deal forensically with the gangs connected to South American cartels – Call it the ‘Serious Organised Financial Crime’ unit and go after the assets and bank accounts of these gangs and use the vast extra powers the SFO has for serious fraud.

We need better solutions than Politicians of all stripes are currently pushing.

Tough day at the office for David, great interview by Rebecca.

I’m watching next weekend.

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