MEDIAWATCH: John Campbell’s devastating critique of Labour is Public Broadcasting at its greatest

TRIGGER WARNING: The following journalism will trigger some. For National and ACT voters, John’s journalism will shatter your stupid neoliberal myths, for Labour voters, John’s journalism will shatter your tribalism for Jacinda, and for the woke, having to listen to a heteronormative white cis male drop truth bombs will trigger you, that said, the Wellington Feminist collective have made John an honorary women, so that should soften the intersectionalist wheel of grievance some what. 

If this latest brilliant work of journalism by John Campbell is the future of public broadcasting and investigative journalism in this country, we are safe.

From the beautiful design and lay out, to the clever use of imagery and just enough interaction to benefit the story rather than eclipse it, John’s damning indictment on the way Labour and National have left the poor to rot is angering, righteous journalism that does more to bring insight and oversight to the poorest parts of our community than 7 Sharp or The Project have ever managed to do collectively in the years they’ve both been running.

John is such a cultural treasure of a broadcaster, he forensically highlights all the things that everyone of us who have been fighting poverty have brought up, and that is Labour have failed us.

He goes further and highlights the legacy damage caused by National as well.

Labour have not implemented ANY of the 42 recommendations by WEAG to help the poorest amongst us and that’s because it doesn’t matter who is the Government, Labour or National – it just doesn’t matter because the neoliberal Wellington bureaucratic elite ensure there can never be any Bernie Sander’s left wing populism as welfare policy ever.

They will shut it down and claw it back and continue to treat the vulnerable as scum.

If the poor are too frightened to ask the State for help, then it saves us money, that’s their ideological position.

John’s fearless journalism reminds us that Labour have failed the poor and that if Jacinda can’t show us real transformation then we must use the Greens and the Maori Party to force bottom lines for a Government post 2023 or start our own political party.


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