MEDIAWATCH: Is Andrea Vance’s media platform really the one to lecture us on meaningless cultural signals?

Voters are being gaslit all the way to next year’s election campaign

In her first clash with Finance Minister Grant Robertson, National’s newly-franked finance spokeswoman Nicola Willis accused the Government of gaslighting the public.

The turn of phrase was judged out of order by Speaker Trevor Mallard.

But it couldn’t be more relevant to the difference between lived reality and official rhetoric.

Voters are being gaslit all the way to next year’s election campaign. And the fault lies on all sides.

It is a pattern of disjunction seen across Government pronouncements, most recently that ballooning household expenses are not a ‘cost of living crisis.’ They also denied obvious complacency over the vaccine roll-out, and prioritised debt reduction while claiming to be improving well-being.

The line between fact and fiction has become thin. In their second term, Labour has become adept at downplaying their mistakes, discrediting those who criticise, encouraging misinformation and diverting attention from bad news, while wrapping themselves in meaningless cultural signals.

Look, Andrea Vance is completely right to point out the utter lack of real progress on the big issues that Labour promised to be transformational about, hell, that’s what The Daily Blog has been doing for the last 5 years!

To be fair to all the tribal Labour who are now wanting to cancel her on Twitter, Vance does point this attempt to mislead the voters is also being done by National.

B-U-T does anyone else gasp when Vance is attacking gaslighting and cultural virtue signals?

This coming from a journalist on a woke media platform that is all about culture virtue signals and gaslighting.

Remember Martin Devlin and how Stuff goaded him into a suicide attempt and cost him his job because Stuff lied and insinuated he had been involved in questionable sexist behaviour that never happened?

Remember the unofficial Stuff editorial policy is the Holy Trinity of woke Dogma.

In the name of the non-binary Mother, the non-binary Daughter and the monthly ghost, ALL white people are irredeemable cross burning racists (except Middle Class Marxists in Wellington), ALL men are rapists (except Middle Class Marxist Gelded Males in Wellington), and anyone supporting free speech is a uniform wearing Nazi (especially those smelly Lumpenproletariat who protested on Parliament’s lawns).

That’s Stuff’s unofficial editorial policy so Vance lecturing on self interested intellectual smugness is a tad on the nose is it not?

Vance is one of the best political columnists in NZ, but watching her accuse Labour of sins that Stuff publish every day of the fucking week is an audacity that sucks so much oxygen out of the room it can kill Covid!

Stuff lecturing on culture virtue signals and gaslighting is like Putin giving a sermon on Ukrainian Independence.

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