MEDIAWATCH: Gutless censorship by Sky TV is outrageous


Sky TV stops broadcasting Russia Today in light of war on Ukraine

Sky Television has stopped broadcasting Russia Today in the wake of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine and criticism of the Russian state-controlled channel.

RT is still listed on Sky’s menu, but with the message that it is “currently unavailable”.

Sky spokeswoman Chris Major said Sky had decided to suspend showing RT “in light of the rapidly unfolding situation in Ukraine”.

“As a responsible broadcaster, we take great care to ensure we comply with the Code of Broadcasting Standards. We have had ongoing dialogue with the BSA over the past few days, and have received complaints from a number of customers,” she said.

I am a sky customer, and I use it for the news and I watch RT because I want to know what the Russian Government is trying to say, especially during a war!

How dare Sky TV act as my news censor?

Did they cut CNN during America’s invasion of Iraq?

Like fuck they did!

CNN was 24/7.

I do not support Putin, his violence or his war.


After the obscenity of the Iraq invasion, the West is in no fucking position to lecture Russia on International Law or morality!

It is not up to SKY TV as a corporate to censor my news because the country has gone to war.

We need to know more than ever how Russia is attempting to shape this terrible conflict, to have SKY TV step in and censor that is a political decision and I don’t look to SKY TV for my fucking political decisions!

It is cowardly and it is fucking gutless.

Shame on you Sky TV.


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