MEDIAWATCH: Good riddance to Susie Ferguson

Susie Ferguson steps into new role at RNZ

Susie Ferguson has chosen to leave her long-time role as Morning Report presenter in September to take up a new position created within RNZ as senior presenter and journalist.

Radio NZ’s fetish with female hosts who have an Irish accent continues.

Good. I’m glad she’s leaving Morning Report.

I never liked her.

It was 2014. Ferguson was interviewing Laila Harre in the wake of the release of Nicky Hagar’s Hollow Men and Susie falsely claims that I handed Laila an early copy of the book and the insinuation is that the book is a set up against John Key by me, Nicky Hager and the Internet Party.

This is after RNZ had banned me for life for ‘defaming’ John Key.

I immediately contacted RNZ and told them that of Ferguson didn’t issue an apology immediately for this lie then I would proceed with defamation action.

RNZ backed down the next day.

Unbeknownst to me, RNZs lie that I was involved was part of the Police allegation that I was Rawshark and led to the case I took against them after they breached my civil rights.

So yeah, good riddance to Susie Ferguson.

Kamahl Santamaria should replace Susie Ferguson on Morning Report just for the reaction.

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