MEDIAWATCH: Dr Siouxsie Wiles sin is all our sin in the modern age of subjective outrage

Dr Siouxsie Wiles has come in for some criticism from the Media Council in the wake of the latest woke cancellation of anyone who triggers liberal pretensions.

Dr Wiles wrote a column where she alleges intimidation to critics of 7 Scientists she was attempting to denounce for having the temerity to question scientific curriculum that undermined basic scientific fundamentals.

The allegation of intimidation by the scientists she was attempting to deplatform  turned out to be nothing more than procedural letters sent by the University.

The Council didn’t mince their words…

“The council agrees that the statement was inaccurate. It appears plain that none of the named professors were involved in intimidating junior colleagues with lawyer’s letters. 

“[The council] is of the view that this is a most serious allegation to make, striking at the heart of academic freedom by asserting that the Professors were trying to stifle opposing views using lawyers’ threats. It required immediate public correction.”

…academic deplatforming for crimes against woke dogma is the Spanish Inquisition meeting Mao’s Cultural Revolution, gleaming eyed fanatics with all the nuance of an ideological purge.

I don’t want to drag Dr Siouxsie Wiles for this sin of over egging, because it’s a sin we all play now in the micro aggression policing game of subjective outage olympics our political debate has descended into.

It wasn’t enough that the 7 professors were guilty of thought crimes against the conclave, they had to be the WORST 7 professors guilty of thought crimes.

Middle Class Marxists screamed that the smelly lumpenproletariat on Palrlaiment’s lawns were all Nazis to justify the heavy hand of the state to remove them.
Hell, many of the Woke Edgelords on Twitter were calling for the Military to come in on Day 2!

The game in politics now is to make the person you are cancelling the worst monster in the world so that they aren’t just shunned by your social media lynch mob but so they are shunned by everyone.

It’s not enough for you to disagree with the person, everyone who listens to them becomes equally toxic and radioactive.

In an age of subjective rage where there is a triggered hate crime lurking around every corner, whoever can paint the other into the Nazi monster corner first wins.

Did the Professors use letters to intimidate? No of course they didn’t, but could the easily triggered perceive any communication as threatening?

Of course they could.

You can win an argument now just because you feel the issue more than the other person.

This is where we’ve ended up.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

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