MEDIAWATCH: Does Stuff’s revamp seem desperate?

Isn’t all this revamp of Stuff a tad desperate?

Independent thinkers?


The wokest of the woke?

Independent thinkers?


It’s not a NZ on Air funded social engineering megaphone?


You get the feeling that Stuff have lost a lot of subscribers because they are perceived to be very woke and in the pocket of elites.

They certainly don’t come across as independent thinkers.

They beg their readers for subscriptions and then reflect the world view of the loudest Identity Politics factions within those subscriptions.

Their weird interactive pamphlet proclaiming their brilliance misses that time they goaded a broadcaster into suicide, their appalling coverage of the Dumb Lives Matters protest and that time their lifestyle Editor went on that rant about gay furniture and free speech.

I like this one…

…you mean like a column where the feminist writer proclaims all men are biologically set as rapists?

She argues that men and women are biologically different and that rape is somehow hard-wired into some males.

Could you imagine a male claiming women are biologically hard-wired to give birth and that is the totality of their existence?

The entire Stuff editorial line is to appease their angry woke readers.

Follow no one?

Have you seen their crazy twitter woke Lynch mob?

They follow you and burn you from the face of the planet for breaches of middle class dogma!

I think Stuff’s NZ on Air funded identity politics and social engineering editorial policy is deeply alienating and male readers are walking away in droves which is why Stuff are suddenly publishing interactive pamphlets defending their content and pretending to be independent.

I like how desperate it smells.

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