MEDIAWATCH: Disgraceful Gayford NZME Podcast smears shouldn’t be rewarded at Podcast Awards!

Clarke Gayford wins confidential payout over NZME Radio comments

Clarke Gayford has been awarded a confidential sum after NZME Radio comments earlier this year.

On March 25 NZME Radio published statements about Gayford during the KICK Fresh Music Friday podcast and on their social pages.

Isn’t it disgraceful enough that NZME pollutes the NZ podcast landscape with Leighton Smith, Mike Hosking and anything with Heather du Plessis-Allan in it?

It’s awful that they smeared my good friend Clarke with their lies!

NZME shouldn’t be celebrated at the 2022 NZ Podcast Awards this year, the awards show that NZs number 1 political podcast, The Working Group, just found out about and which we will be singular in our pursuit of.

This year, NZs number 1 political podcast, The Working Group, will submit entries for Best News, Politics Podcast & Current Affairs, Best New Podcast, Best Current Affairs Podcast and the Rova Listeners’ Choice Award!

That our show with ZERO funding from NZ on Air can even compete against the Taxpayer funded giants is at least worth a nomination!

Boo NZME Podcasts!


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