MEDIAWATCH: Day 2 and a pregnant journalist’s MIQ grandstanding IS STILL THE STORY & not 23m Afghans starving???

Pregnant Kiwi journalist Charlotte Bellis hopes to ‘move the dial’ on MIQ

Pregnant Kiwi journalist Charlotte Bellis says she hopes her situation can “move the dial” on the way New Zealand manages MIQ.

The former Al Jazeera journalist shared her story in the Herald over the weekend, detailing her rejection from an MIQ allocation in spite of expecting a child in Afghanistan – a place where unmarried pregnant women can face prison time.

Now Jacinda is in trouble, Charlotte has appeared in the high altar of light entertainment, The Ben & Jono Show!

What the fuck is going on here?

How can you-go-girl feminist hero Charlotte Bellis’s bureaucratic grandstanding STILL be in the news and not the fact that the country she’s trying to flee from which we occupied is now starving to death because of our sanctions?

How the fuck is this petty MIQ issue eclipsing the fact that we’ve supported sanctions on Afghanistan that are seeing 23million starve – remember there’re 40 million of them, that’s over half are starving.

They are predicting over a million dead kids starving to death from famine.

A famine we’ve induced!

A famine we imposed upon a country we almost occupied for 2 decades!

A famine that hasn’t  even been mentioned by the NZ mainstream media because they are all too busy chasing the low hanging fruit of identity politics by platforming a grandstanding you-go-girl feminist hero.

Her nitpicking of which category she should use seems bewilderingly audacious if she’s trying to protect her unborn child. Who is lucky enough to critique the lifeboat?

Charlotte is becoming a Karen with every complaint isn’t she?

Of course we have to keep MIQ restrictions in place, Christ they need to be tighter!

Just over 50% of us have a booster, if Omicron hits hard we will have enormous sickness and death, and opening up that MIQ to citizens carry’s enormous risk, ESPECIALLY when you consider one third of border cases in a week were unvaccinated!!!

Nobody points this out often but unvaccinated Kiwis returning home with Covid would seed clusters every day!

We can’t risk that!

Yes it’s awful, yes it’s painful, but our obligations are to protect NZ!

Of course Charlotte Bellis should return home immediately & I’m almost certain Clarke will be sent to bring her through MIQ – but don’t pretend a bureaucratic process is the story – the sanctions we’ve put on a country we occupied is causing 20m starving Afghans – that’s the story!

You can’t seriously cover this story while ignoring the 23million people we formally occupied starving because of spiteful sanctions against the people who threw us out!

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