MEDIAWATCH: Covid – how can Stuff turn it all into an issue about women?

Ummmmmm – the death rate for men is 50% higher than women, but sure, let’s make it all about women…

The pandemic’s impact on women derailing decades of progress on gender equality

During the global Covid-19 pandemic, women have carried much of the unpaid emotional and domestic burden of caring for their families and communities, often simultaneously holding down paid jobs, many on reduced hours or salaries.

Women have also been disproportionately affected by job losses, particularly women of color and ethnic minorities.

Worldwide, women lost more than 64 million jobs in 2020 alone, resulting in an estimated US$800 billion (NZ$1100b) loss of income.

Mirroring these trends, women in Aotearoa faced greater economic, social and health challenges than men.

…isn’t it unbelievable?

Trust Stuff to make Covid all about women!

MEN ARE DYING FROM COVID AT VASTLY HUGER NUMBERS THAN WOMAN, but let’s ask how it impacts gender roles and make  it all about women…

At least 65,000 more men than women have died from COVID-19 in the US

Men are much more likely to die from COVID-19 than women. This is true globally – where the death rate has been about 50% higher for men. Notably, this gap does not appear to be explained either by differences in the number of confirmed cases or in pre-existing conditions. With the pandemic cutting life expectancy of American men by more than two years, it is important to understand and mitigate risks associated with COVID-19 mortality among men.

…could you imagine the outrage if 3 men had written an opinion piece focusing only on men and breast cancer?

Stuff can’t pretend these global mortality dynamics aren’t being replicated here…

Covid-19: More men than women died in Omicron outbreak

Nearly two-thirds of the people who have died in New Zealand’s Omicron outbreak are men, and experts say the science is inconclusive as to why.

…note they don’t even mention that men are dying in vastly greater numbers.

Why is it okay to totally obliterate the naked fact that men are dying in far greater numbers than women? Because to acknowledge that would rob Stuff and the authors all the victimhood status they want while plying their gender framework.

Sure, the pandemic may well have exposed those gender disparities in the home, but men are dying of it at far greater numbers!

I’m pretty sure all those dead men aren’t having a great time of it gender role wise either!

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