MEDIAWATCH: ComCom NZ media Facebook deal the worst outcome for journalism

ComCom outlines issues for bid by media to collectively bargain with Facebook, Google

The Commerce Commission has outlined the issues it will consider in an application by New Zealand news media to collectively bargain with Facebook and Google to seek fair payment for journalism used on their digital platforms.

Last month the News Publishers’ Association (NPA) filed an application with the Commerce Commission seeking permission on behalf of its members, which includes NZ Herald publisher NZME, and all other independent New Zealand-owned media organisations.

What is being proposed is the worst outcome for NZ journalism.

Here is what SHOULD happen.

Google & Facebook should face a separate media tax that is ringfenced and handed directly to NZ on Air.

NZ on Air in turn hands that money out to any journalist to specifically do investigative journalism.

That journalist’s work gains a ‘flag’ and NZ on Air runs a ‘read between the flags the way you swim between the flags’ campaign to help NZers distinguish what is journalism and what is social media disinformation.

This way you set the bench mark for actual journalism while countering misinformation while expanding investigative journalism.

We set this media tax on Google and Facebook to fund real journalism to counter their platforms misinformation.

That is what we SHOULD be doing.

What we are instead doing is allowing desperate media owners to gain the algorithms of Facebook to pimp out extreme headlines to drive more clicks and royalty revenue!

This won’t save good journalism, it will speed the demise of it!

Allowing mainstream media to gain royalties from hate algorithms is a recipe for disaster.


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