MEDIAWATCH: Chloe Swarbrick vs David Seymour & why they are both wrong on Tax

ACT leader David Seymour clashed with Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick during a tense interview about wealth tax on Tuesday. 

It comes after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was forced to clarify her stance on a wealth tax on Monday. Speaking with AM on Monday morning, Ardern wouldn’t rule out a wealth taxdespite previously promising not to introduce one. 

Her comments were met with swift backlash and the Prime Minister was forced to clarify yesterday afternoon that the Government has “no intention” to introduce a wealth tax “this term”.

Bu the Government is currently investigating the amount of tax New Zealand’s wealthiest people pay with Revenue Minister David Parker hinting a wealth tax could be the solution last week. 

Swarbrick and Seymour joined AM on Tuesday to discuss a wealth tax but things quickly got tense between the opposing sides. 

They are both wrong on Tax.

The Greens just want to include pollution into te cost of a product and allow the free market to do the rest while David just wants to be groped constantly by Adam Smith’s invisible hand.

Both are neoliberal depictions of late stage capitalism, both ignore the reality.

When I set MANA up with Matt McCarten, Hone Harawira, John Minto, Sue Bradford and the incredible Annette Sykes, there was an understanding that at the core of Left wing politics was a need to use the State to materially better everyone.

At the centre of that philosophical core was an understanding that the very tax system itself needed to be reset by taking the burden off the working poor and placing it out upon the wealthy.

MANA argued for a Financial Transaction Tax that would be a base rate on all automated bank transactions, it would raise enough tax to bring GST down to 10% while allowing the first $20 000 to be tax free. The extra revenue would allow for a mass State Housing rebuild plus free public transport plus more money for education and health.

The total tax take from workers would lower while forcing the Banks, Corporates and Speculators to finally pay for their greed.

This is why the Tax debate every fucking election is such a shallow and hollow joke. Labour says blah blah blah and National scream tax cut. They are both fighting over an ever diminishing pie!

It’s the Great NZ Tax Cut Scam that never actually fixes the problem!

We need a radical means to place the yoke of taxation onto those who are causing the most economic damage and greed – the Banks, the Corporates and Speculators!

The true political division in a Capitalist Democracy is not the colour of your skin or gender identity or genital tribalism, it’s between the 1% richest, their 9% enablers and the 90% rest of us!

Labour must think big on funding universal provision of services to survive the economic downturn and the new post-Covid reality in a climate warming world!

To fund these big services we need a new tax system. A Financial Transaction Tax penalises those who are the greediest while funding the services that benefit everyone.

-Free Public Transport: Rather than welfare increases that the cruel and insidious MSD clawback, put money back into the pockets of the poorest with free public transport, while reducing climate pollution AND making roads more free for those who need to use them. Free Public Transport would make voters care.

-Free Dental Services: Our lack of free Dental is a disgraceful outcome of free market neoliberalism over public health.

-Free Breakfast and lunches in all schools: Again, rather than welfare increases that the cruel and insidious MSD clawback, put money back into the pockets of the poorest with free Breakfasts and Lunches at school. With inflation and mortgage rates soaring even the children of the middle classes will benefit.

-Legalise Cannabis: FFS, it generates half a billion in revenue and justice system savings, just do it for Christ’s sakes you gutless wonders!

-30 000 State House Build: Rather than simply trying to fund flawed models of a rigged property market built for speculators, do mass State Housing builds for only State House tenants and owner occupiers with rent to own options. Build these on Golf Courses we seize back from Auckland and Wellington using the Public Works Act.

-4 day working week in all public services: Build a post growth movement by adopting it in the State sector first. Employ more state servants.

-Basic Pharmaceutical Industry: The continued post Covid world of geopolitical threats demands a level of self sufficiency we are no where close to.

-Tidal Energy Production: Towards our 100% renewable energy target.

-Universal Free Internet: Available through all Churches, Marae, Libraries.

-First $20 000 Tax Free: Most people earn barely $40 000, making the first $20 000 tax free would benefit the poorest first and most.

-Vice Tax on all Gambling, Tobacco & Booze: A special super tax on top of the total tax paid for products that are a blight upon society. Why should the Gambling Booze Vape Barons peddle their harmful products with the barest of responsibility?

-Sugar Tax: The Big Sugar Drug Dealers have been allowed to sell their highly addictive drugs directly to market with no penalty for too long. Time too pay punks.

-Remove GST from fresh fruit and vegetables: Make healthier choices cheaper, works best with a sugar tax.

-30% Stake-hold in Supermarket Duopoly: The broken market is creating a million dollars additional profit each day to the Duopoly. Fuck them. A new supermarket chain will reduce cost and voters need to see that in an inflation explosion.

A Financial Transaction Tax, Sugar Tax and a taxed Cannabis Market could fund new services, old services PLUS take the tax take off the poorest and put it on the richest.

It’s time to be radical and Chloe’s fight to drag economics back into the debate on the Left after so much identity politics bullshit is admirable.

The Green Party result in recent Polling is poor when you consider the Housing crisis and the lack of real progress on child poverty and welfare reform.

Labour Left should be bolting to the Greens.

They are not.

Anything less than 15% at the 2023 election by the Greens should be seen as failure. The demographic of the electorate favours the Greens, the issues and lack of Labour action favours them and duh – climate change.

Green members should push for Chloe as leader.

Chloe is a unique talent. She speaks with the energy of the new voting generation in a language that empowers and challenges. She is an incredible communicator and if she had the Leadership, she could dominate political debate.

What could be more radical than the youngest Political Leader in NZ History?

Chloe as Leader is a 15% Party.

To be politically relevant, the Greens need to be needed by Labour. To do that they need to take Labour voters.

Chloe can do that. Marama and James can’t.

Chloe’s secret super power is her ability to do one thing that no other Politician can do – beat David Seymour in a debate.

With ACT and political radicalisation on the rise, she has the ability to front foot a fight with David Seymour that no one else can manage.

Today’s exchange on TV reminds everyone Chloe is one of the few who can fight it out with David, but today’s debate occurs right when the Greens madly decided upon a new non binary co-leader model.

The Greens have heralded their non-binary co-leadership model as progress, the wider electorate will see it as emblematic of a woke dogma that alienates far more than it can recruit at a time of peak economic anxiety.

Pure temple politics is fine until all the people you’ve denied into the temple are far larger than you can ever hope to be.

James will go, the new non binary co-leadership model will be adopted, 10 000 people will like it on Twitter and it will lead to the Greens limping home with 7% in 2023.

Chloe as a leader on her own could get 15%, winning it through a gerrymandered non-gender binary co-leadership model will rob her of the mana she deserves.

It just hurts all the time being a Green Party voter now.

What self respecting male would vote for this blancmange of virtue signalling woke dogma?


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