MEDIAWATCH: AM Show vs TVNZ Breakfast post John Campbell

It’s been pretty depressing over at TVNZ Breakfast since John left.

If you like to start your day in a grieving, mournful kinda way, then it’s the TV for you.

Jenny-May looks like she weeps before the show starts each morning, Matty still has that ‘where’s Dad’ stunned look on his face and Indira is not very endearing, she still looks like the entire show is beneath her and seems confused why she wasn’t appointed host after having put up with a white male for so long.

John was such a spectacular broadcaster that he lifted everyone and his leaving has left such an enormous hole in the show it feels like the wreck of the Titanic.

A ghostly, rudderless State funded behemoth that is as cold as it is unfeeling, just like Seven Sharp but not as smug.

Over at the AM, it’s a slightly different problem.

I think Ryan Bridge is a uniquely talented Broadcaster who has that super power of listening to an answer and responding in real time to that answer. He is one of the very few Broadcasters in NZ where I actually learn something new during his interviews and he makes the AM show a must watch.

Unfortunately the AM is now chasing a female audience so Ryan has to share interview duties with Melissa Chan-Green, now while that is disappointing from a journalistic point of view, I’ve really warmed to Melissa as a interviewer because some mornings you don’t want to be reasonable and you just want to have a fight.

And Melissa is just spectacular at that.

Talking over guests, angrily demanding answers to questions that you already know the answer to, the passive aggressiveness of it all, it’s just a hot mess of anger and I LOVE IT!

While you will NEVER learn ANYTHING from a Melissa Chan-Green interview, the argument and fight is glorious.

Bernadine Oliver-Kerby has some interesting points to make as well while dear William Wairua looks as lost and lonely as Matty does.

So the AM Show actually has a lot going for it, right up until they start doing that fucking banter. Individually, and when they are on task, the AM Show is smart and fun, when they start bantering however, it’s a voyage into tedious mediocrity.

At least once a show as I zone in and out of their twaddle, I ask myself, ‘why the bloody hell am I listening to this shit’ and reach for the remote to flick back to the 7 days of State mourning over at TVNZ  and remember, ‘oh that’s right, it’s marginally better than this lonely sadness’.

I’m no TV guru, but you shouldn’t be asking ‘why the bloody hell am I listening to this shit’ more than once a month.

Breakfast’s new host, Kamahl Santamaria, joins this week and he will try to cheer up TVNZ but it will feel like a sitcom that has suddenly had its lead die unexpectedly.

Meanwhile The Working Group is now the number 1 weekly political podcast in NZ!

What’s Tova doing over at Today FM?


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