MEDIAWATCH: All Erica Stanford & National have is mass immigration

Erica Stanford, Kiri Allan clash over nurse immigration settings in fiery debate

National’s Erica Stanford and Labour’s Kiri Allan have clashed on AM over whether New Zealand has the right immigration settings to entice nurses to the country.

Let’s be very, very clear here – if National win in 2023, they will do exactly what Key did and throw open the immigration flood gates and pretend that false inflation of migrant workers equates to growth.

Auckland in infrastructure gridlock and renters are the collateral damage of National and Erica Stanford’s mass immigration.

National is nothing more than a front for Chinese business interests and their voting base are the farmers and hospo/mass tourism industry that requires migrant worker exploitation so National’s immigration solutions are more morally akin to a drug dealer wanting more drugs.

The solution to nursing shortages is to offer NZers free education and allowances in return for bonding theme here. What makes me choke in laughter at the rights framing of the nursing crisis is that they NEVER look at the huge loans we saddle Kiwis with when they become nurses. Of course they – like all students hit with debt – run offshore to find the wages to pay that debt off.

Instead of admitting the neoliberal version of user-pays education is fucked, what do National want to do? Import cheap nurses from the Philippines while our local nurses flee the debt we saddle them with and National have the intellectual dishonesty of calling that a solution!

You think life is tough now, wait until National throw open the immigration flood gates once again to prop up their industry mates who require exploited labour.

Kiri Allan was polite.

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