Maori Party end year bewilderingly reopening door to National!?!?!?

I have already awarded the Maori Party worst political party 2021…

Worst Party – Māori Party

The Maori Party have had the most skitzerphrenic year on record with their bizarre tactics and arguments.

Earlier this year they were actually arguing for the SIS to create a Stasi to hunt down white supremacy political enemies of the State DESPITE every single example around the world showing that when you give the Secret Intelligence Agencies Stasi powers to hunt down enemies of the State, they very quickly use those powers to hunt down citizens to protect the State!

They followed this up by describing Labour’s vaccination policy as a ‘modern Genocide’ on par with the murderous Squid Games! Anyone else offensively using these terms would be severely reprimanded by the media but because it’s the Maori Party, you know, colonization.

To date, 12 Maori have died. The Maori Party ‘genocide’ doesn’t even hit triple digits! 12 people dying is a bad weekend on the roads, it’s hardly a fucking genocide!

But you know, colonization and anyone daring to question that is a cross burning racist!

…but even I’m staggered by the bewilderingly stupid decision to today announce they are re-opening the door to possibly working with National!!!!

Te Pāti Māori not ruling out working with Christopher Luxon’s National

Te Pāti Māori has left the door open to work with the National Party and its new leader Christopher Luxon.

It’s previously explicitly ruled out working with National under former leaders Judith Collins and Todd Muller.

You would think the Maori Party leather their lesson cuddling up with National but no, here they are reopening the door to them!

This is the icing on a shit cake!

It suggests strategists who don’t know what they are doing.

What a way to end the year, and we all thought Judith was a self mutilation too far!

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