Mainstream media finally catch up to TDB on Auckland Mayoralty meltdown

High profile councillor Efeso Collins standing for Auckland Mayoralty

Labour councillor Efeso Collins says he is running for the Auckland mayoralty, creating a potential problem for the left at October’s local body elections.

Talk is mounting in left circles that Auckland Mayor Phil Goff will not seek a third term at October’s local body elections and endorse a rising star on council, North Shore councillor Richard Hills, to stand as his successor.

A potential contest between Manukau councillor Collins and Hills would split the left vote that has bedded in
Len Brown and Phil Goff as the only two mayors since the Super City was formed in 2010 – and give the centre-right a sniff of victory.

Goff and Hills have both said they will be announcing their plans in the “coming weeks”. Goff, a former Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, could be in line for a diplomatic posting.

Isn’t it great to see the mainstream media finally catch up to where TDB has been on the Auckland Mayoralty since August of last year?

TDB was the first to call for a primary, so it’s good to see everyone else catching up to us.

As TDB has been pointing out since August of last year, the Auckland Left worship loyalty above talent and as such they are refusing to endorse Efeso over Richard bloody Hills!

Richard Hills is a woke fart in a unisex elevator who is as electable as a vegan sex toy at a meatlovers BBQ festival.

To endorse a candidate as weak as Hills because Efeso won’t toe the line is such a disgrace, the Auckland Left deserve to lose!

The state of play is Goff has been requested as the Ambassador to America by the Americans because they want a slavish thrall to Pax Americana as they start a new Cold War with China in the Pacific and no one sucks up to America more than Phil.

Shearer was going to run but then chickened out because he heard Paula Bennett was running and Mark Mitchell pulled out when he was offered something better from the coup movers against Judith.

Without Shearer to back, the Auckland Left have bypassed Efeso for Richard Hills.

Watching the Auckland Left slit Efeso Collins throat for the glass jaw that is Richard Hills as their Mayoralty Candidate is a blunder so colossal that I will spend a month laughing after we on the left lose.

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