Luxon’s first move was to defend the landed gentry and all those others with 7 houses

Just so that there is no illusions here, Christian Lex Luthor’s first definitive move is to immediately unpick urban intensification to defend the interests of the landed gentry, and everyone else who owns 7 houses like he does.

Behold the rise of the Mega Landlord and their political power. NZ property went up $800Billion in just the last 2 years and that kind of money buys political influence.

Chris Luxon flies first class everywhere, hiring a Mercedes to cross the road speaks of old boy privilege and exclusive bubble worlds inoculated from the realities of the neoliberal policies he benefits from.

He is a steaming ham of pretension with the curated list of geeky things CEOs group focus to portray an everydad goofiness to mask the sociopathy most CEOs need to succeed.

He keeps complaining his hard core anti abortion evangelical faith keeps getting used to criticize him with, over and over and over.

You can’t shut him up about his God!

Look, you can believe in whatever you like, but if you take up Public Office with Executive Power, the voting public has every right to know if your brand of faith is the happy clappy speaking in tongues rapture kind!

Because you’ll be implanting Science as social policy and it would be a tad concerning if your magical invisible flying wizard mate was making the decisions.

Some will say this is unfair because previous National leaders have been staunch Christians too, but the difference is the evangelical nature of Luxon’s faith and that’s open to challenge.

Despite his connection to his faith, his first move was to protect the rich.

How many houses would Jesus own?


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