Luxon’s faux corporate wokewash race blushing vs Seymour’s bottom line co-governance referendum race-baiting makes perfect MMP storm for the Right 

Luxon is from the Corporate NZ world where Executives have to learn Te Reo, perform a song and do a Pepeha while never mentioning race relations ever again.

He can’t criticise co-governance because his DNA is frightened of offending anyone and because his angry white base want him to be far more offensive than he could ever be.

That leaves him looking like he’s frightened of the debate ACT have called for on co-governance and he’s been left with only attacking the Māori Health Authority which is politically schizophrenic when you consider it was National that set up the framework of co-governance which Luxon is now denouncing!

The Māori Health Authority aren’t even a seperate system, it’s a board split 50-50 that decides Māori Health priorities. Painting that as a seperate system doesn’t understand the words ‘seperate’ or ‘system’.

The game changer here is that Seymour has made the referendum on co-governance a bottom line in any negotiation with National.

I think this could ignite on the Right and trigger an MMP dynamic that could see an overhang.

It is not impossible to see that the pull for a referendum on the Right could be so great that National voters vote National for their MP and ACT for their party vote.

If National win more electorates than Party vote it forces an overhang which pushes up the total numbers the Left need to get a majority, which could require Labour and the Greens to reach out to the Māori Party to win.

That in of itself would add fuel to the polarisation of the debate.


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