Luxon the Christian Lex Luthor is National Leader! Winners & Losers

NO WAY! The coward clowns of National have elected the worst case scenario – Chris (he once put out a memo to all AirNZ staff to call him Christopher) Luxon – The Christian Lex Luthor as leader!

He hired a black Mercedes to drive him across the road to Parliament, the symbolism of which manages to eclipse anything else he said in his mediocre list of right wing ZB talking points his speech immediately deteriorated into.

His naming of tool brands felt as contrived as it sounded, a marketing ploy to catch bored male attention.

‘He like same tool as me’!

How dumb do they think the electorate is and aren’t they already voting National?

There are of course ‘Winners’ & ‘Losers’ in which amputated limbs are the winners.



Christian Lex Luthor – He only won because Judith’s acolytes spite voted for him alongside the Liberal Muller Traitors – this is a leadership built on malice, vengeance & cowardice! His first speech was Top Table Right Wing KPIs & he has the same dead eyes of Key! Luxon will melt like Muller despite Key as puppet master.

God & the Christ child – Having a devoted servant like Chis Luxon as leader will bring about the rapture quicker. All hail Jesus!

Labour & the political left – Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!



National – The liberal Muller cowards like Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis who destroyed the party by backing Muller and refused to admit their self destructive narcissism have backed Christian Lex Luthor. How will those pretending to be liberal back a Handmaiden’s Tale level anti abortionist? Let’s pop the popcorn and find out.

Jacqui Dean – Oh now she says she was sucked into a whirlpool and was used by Judith when she suddenly dredged up a manufactured MeToo moment to destroy the career of Simon Bridges. What a great win for snowflake triggered feminism, destroying a mans career for a flippant comment made half a decade ago, truly we live in the age of the glorious puritanical matriarchy.

Judith Collins – The race baiting, the casual malice, the spite policy, the constant head banging, the appeal to our angriest natures – that was her political legacy! The once mighty defender of the kiwi battler crushed by an ego that was always a reflex punch. If Judith Collins had fought for New Zealand half as much as she fought for herself, this country would be a better place by her hand. She didn’t and it isn’t. They will need to bury her in 3 seperate coffins on hallowed ground at midnight to stop her coming back from the grave!

Satan – With a soul spirit warrior like Christ Luxon as leader, the fallen angel of Lucifer best be worried and concerned that his days of trickery are over once all the abortion clinics are closed down!

Simon Bridges – He gave his heart and soul to National and he actually personifies the very aspiration that National supposedly values – to lose the leadership because of a manufactured MeToo character assassination is such a cruel smear. I’ve always said National would be mad not to offer him the leadership back and he would be mad to accept it. These nasty toads don’t actually deserve him.



Simon Bridges could have won 2023 because he’s such a clever player of the game, Luxon only won because of the turmoil and vicious nastiness amassed against Bridges. For Labour & the political left this is a huge win. Will NZ at a time of science dictating social policy really listen to a religious evangelical who has a literal interpretation of the Bible?


That’s like voting for a flat earther to lead the local Geography club.

National are suffering from a massive lack of female voters, I’m not sure antiAbortion Christian Lex Luthor who looks like a character from The Handmaids Tale is the leader to bring National to the promised land.

If Chris Luxon is the answer, the question was, ‘Who will help the lamb Christ spill the blood of Satan’s heathen scum and purify the Earth for Rapture’?


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