Luxon tells National MPs not to be elitist toffs in NZs most elitist toff city

National caucus retreat: Christopher Luxon speaks in Queenstown after win in approval poll

“It’s game on.”

That’s the message from National leader Christopher Luxon in his speech to MPs at the party’s caucus retreat in Queenstown.

Luxon will hope to use the weekend to reset the mood of the caucus after years of factional infighting.

The retreat will focus on topics Luxon thinks will be important in the new year: The economy, Covid-19, and Māori.

The walking contradiction that is Christian Lex Luthor continues to amuse.

He’s telling MPs not to be elitist pricks in the most elitist prick city in NZ – Queenstown.

It’s like his entry as leader when he hired a black Mercedes to cross the road to Parliament, he can’t help but highlight his wealth and privilege while pretending to care about poor people.

Strip back the rhetoric and it’s the same old right wing bullshit, charter schools, tax cuts and welfare reform.

He sights George Osborne without acknowledging Osborne oversaw steep cuts in social spending!

Luxon is the slick advert for the house you can never afford.

What’s most hilarious is the claim they have glossed over Judith manufacturing a MeToo harpoon to smear Simon Bridges with as if that’s normal politics.

Luxon can talk the talk, but will still hire a black Mercedes rather than walk the walk.

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