Luxon busted about his Hawaiian holiday while social media pretends he’s working

Oh no he didn’t!

Oh yes he did!

Christopher Luxon holidayed in Hawaii while social media videos suggested he was in Te Puke

National Party leader Christopher Luxon was holidaying in Hawaii last week, while his social media account suggested he was in Te Puke meeting with businesses.

Luxon confirmed to reporters on Tuesday morning that he travelled to United States while on leave last week. Parliament was in recess at the time and politicians do often take some time off during the winter break.

“Yes, I was on leave last week with my family. I went to Hawaii with my family as I tend to do in July,” he said.

His social media account lied about where he was and pretended he was visiting working class people in Te Puke because his handlers didn’t want you knowing he was holidaying in fucking Hawaii while making political milage out of the cost of living crisis.

The sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind are stupid, but they’re not THAT stupid!

Having Mr 7 Properties holidaying in Hawaii while Kiwis shiver in poverty makes it hard to pretend he cares about a cost of living crisis that doesn’t impact him.

Chris Luxon is the highly polished aspiration TV advert for a lifestyle you can never afford.

Many on the Left are disappointed with Jacinda’s lack of transformation, and we are all very grumpy post Covid but Sweet Jesus, if Luxon pretending he’s supporting struggling Kiwis at Te Puke when he’s secretly on a Hawaiian Holiday doesn’t wake you up to National’s faux concern about you, nothing will.

This is very damaging, you can see why National tried to hide it.


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