Lower the voting age to 16 AND cap voting at 70

The funniest criticism against lowering the voting age was vomited up by privileged ZB Troll Kate Hawkesby…

But they lack the experience. They don’t have mortgages and hold down full time jobs by and large. They’re not raising families, they’re not paying bills, they’re not awash with life experience. Yes many may be bright and astute, but many are not. Many as we know, are just out ram raiding, or wagging school. And on that note, surely the priority for young people should be re-engaging them with school and teaching them how to contribute to a civilised society, over and above giving them the right to vote? 

The numbers of young people not attending school is up, we have problems with literacy, and as many Police will tell you, issues with respect from youth who don’t even know how to be a part of a civilised society, far less make an educated vote on it.

…ummmmm, couldn’t a whole bunch of adults fall into the exact same categories that Kate feels bans you from voting?

I’ve met a lot more stupid and cruel adults than I have teenagers in my life.

Seeing as 16 and 17 year olds will be living with the climate crisis and inequality rigged system adults keep imposing upon them, shouldn’t they have a say in that process?

I want to see 16 and 17 year olds get the vote, but I also believe that we should give time to exploring capping the voting age at 70.

Have you ever heard anything other than offensive bullshit out of a 70 year olds mouth?

They have some pretty fucking crazy ideas about the world, and I just think removing all those who vote over 70 would make our politics far better.

We’ll get the same effect from Covid I suppose, and Gen Xers plus Millennials are now a larger voting block than the Boomers, but we won’t get to see their faces being told they can’t vote and that seems like a great sadness and loss.

Let’s get that voting age down to 16, but seriously consider capping it over 70 as well.

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