Louisa Wall didn’t leave Labour, Labour left Louisa Wall

Labour MP Louisa Wall resigns from Parliament

Labour MP Louisa Wall has announced she’s retiring from politics after 14 years in Parliament.

Louisa Wall didn’t leave Labour, Labour left Louisa Wall.

The Left don’t reward talent, they reward unquestioning loyalty and subservience.

Louisa Wall was never subservient.

She came into politics with a strong Left wing belief system and a desire to do actual change.

That had her offside with Labour mandarins, MPs who think for themselves are considered dangerous on the Left.

The exact same dynamics have been at play over the amount of time it took for Labour to finally endorse Efeso Collins for Mayor.

The Left hates talent and rewards subservience, Wall’s refusal to shut up on issues that mattered meant she was always doomed to be pushed out until a better drone could be found to replace her with.

I think Labour will be very nervous at her valedictory speech.

Don’t hold back Louisa.

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Original Source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2022/03/30/louisa-wall-didnt-leave-labour-labour-left-louisa-wall/

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