Liz Gun & the Crystal Karens strike again

There she blows – after claiming Jacinda was, and I quote, ‘raping Gaia’ with our vaccine roll out, Liz has doubled down again by falsely claiming 5 children passed out from the vaccines…

COVID-19: Liz Gunn goes off in furious rant after being asked for evidence of children collapsing at North Shore vaccination centre

Former TV host Liz Gunn has unleashed in a furious rant after being asked for evidence of children collapsing at a North Shore vaccination centre on Monday. 

The claims, which have gone viral despite not being backed up by any proof, allege five kids collapsed at the North Shore Stadium drive-through vaccination centre and instead of calling ambulances, staff asked parents to take kids to the hospital to not scare other parents.

None of the rumours, which have been shared on social media, are backed up by any evidence and the Ministry of Health told Newshub on Tuesday they are incorrect.

…this is the sort of sick thinking that justifies protesting Children’s vaccination centers and banging on cars!

This is a type of collective madness by antivaxxers who have gone beyond their right to say no and are extending it to intimidating others into not taking the vaccine.

This far right antivaxx movement is attracting American dark money and it is only getting more delusional.

Liz is a Crystal Karen, the middle class new age conspiracy clique who have become culturally ostracised by the vaccine passports. They are the fatherless daughters from the first wave of feminism divorce in the 1970s herded into far right conspiracy by Facebook hate algorithms

Like all Crystal Karens, Liz just needs a big hug from Dad.

The next few months are going to be frightening and many people will get sick. Get off Facebook and spend time with friends and family.

Being vaccinated protects you from Covid but it must also inoculate you from hate and stupidity.


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