LIVE@Midday Thurs: Buchanan + Manning on What Putin wants from a negotiated diplo-solution

A View from Afar – In this podcast, political scientist Paul Buchanan and Selwyn Manning will deep-dive into the latest events emerging from the Russia/Ukraine crisis, and they will consider:

  • What does Russia’s Vladimir Putin want from NATO and the US in a negotiated diplomatic solution to the Ukraine issue?
  • And what, from Ukraine’s perspective, is the most favourable outcome from the threat of the Russian military build-up on its border.
  • Also, in the US there are concerns that once the Beijing Winter Olympics concludes, the Peoples Republic of China may assert a renewed diplomatic crisis with Taiwan.
  • But, does this fit with a renewed Russia-PRC strategic partnership? And what does such a strategic partnership look like?

Join Paul and Selwyn for this LIVE recording of this podcast while they consider these big issues, and remember any comments you make while live can be included in this programme.

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