List of Amendments National tried to stop Abortion laws – you judge if they won’t try it on?

National need woman voters or they can’t win.

Christopher Luxon is a Handmaid’S Tale level anti-abortionist who answers to God, not the Press Gallery.

60% of the National Caucus voted against legalised abortion.

National desperately have to reverse their rabid anti-abortion stance in the wake of the Roe vs Wade monstrosity.

Here is Christopher Luxon sending his thoughts and prayers…

…which is all well and good, but let’s remind everyone what amendments they attempted to truly understand how National would respond to the Abortion issue if in power.

Make it harder to get approval for an Abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider religious considerations to abortion.

Require those providing abortions to consider conservative Māori views on abortion.

Remove requirement that health practitioners who don’t want to support an abortion must tell the woman the details of another provider who will.

Making it illegal to not hire anti-abortion drs.

Making it illegal to terminate a pregnancy for genetic abnormalities. 

Force women to tell the State how many abortions they have. 

Banning abortion for under 16 year olds.

So when Luxon, who answers to God and not the NZ twittersphere, when he says these laws won’t be relitigated, he’s right, they won’t be, the above amendments can simply be agreed upon with a simple vote, no new laws, just amendments to the current ones, amendments National have already ON THE RECORD given as to the tricks and nasty games they’ll play to technically stop abortions from happening!

Sooooooo, when he says Abortion law changes are off the table, he really means making it harder to get an abortion, being forced to consider religious views, conservative Māori views, Christian Drs not having to disclose details for other abortionists, protecting those Christian Drs from being sacked, making it illegal to abort any foetus with any deformity, force women to tell the state how many abortions they’ve had and banning 16 year olds from having an abortion, oh those are all on the fucking table waiting to be voted in.

These Right Wing Christian Judges lied through their teeth…

…why on earth are you going to risk a political unknown evangelical Christian who leads a Party willing to pass this shit as ‘amendments’ and pretend that’s not a risk?


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