Link Building to Increase Link Clicks

The first step towards getting Link Clicks is to place links contextually among your content. The next step is to distribute and promote the content strategically through the relevant and right platforms to the Target Audience (TG). Though this two-step process is easy to execute and implement, it requires the complete understanding of the objectives and fine tuning of the activities and actions to get the desired results. Effective implementation of clicks generating Link Building process calls for detailed analysis of the ongoing trends and distributing high quality and useful content posts that reverberate with the current trends, demands and market expectations. Right from the concept to the implementation stage, actions and activities have to be studied and planned to the detail with high understanding on their potential effects like creating attention and buzz, eliciting, soliciting and generating clicks and resulting in favourable conversions and results. Buy backlinks New Zealand here.


Create Clickable Brand Assets

Online Brand Assets are clickable brand links that are in the form of URL links to your brand pages, identities that represent your brand like your logo, company photos, brand names, product names, social media page links, online profiles at various platforms, specific brand hashtags, @mentions, social media groups and pages, brand blog web pages and video channels, video links, digital assets downloadable links and all such clickable and linkable brand identifications.  Create these different types of Brand Assets for your business meaningfully with proper purpose and specific use so that they can be strategically used in the brand content at multiple places. To know more, visit


Create Link Building & Digital Marketing Goals

The purpose of launching a campaign is to accomplish a goal or an objective. So, set goals for your link Building efforts as to how many link clicks to be achieved in the campaign and as a Digital Marketing goal you may set how many link clicks to be achieved through specific platforms and ad sets such as Facebook and Facebook Ads, SEO and SEM (Google PPC Ads), Twitter Feeds, Twitter Hashtags, Twitter Ads, YouTube Channel, specific YouTube videos, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Posts, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Groups, Website & Website Blog & Case Studies, Asset Downloads, App Installations, App Ads, Net Display Ads, Third Party Platforms such as Guest Blogging Sites, Content Exchange Sites, Directory Websites, Forums, Review Sites, Story Websites, URL Submission Sites & Platforms, etc. Only when you set goals for your link clicks, will you be able to pursue the goals and implement various steps to achieve those goals.


Segment & Classify Platforms & Audiences vis-a-vis Goals

Now that you have set the overall goal for your entire campaign. The next step is to split the overall goal into practical and achievable goals by classifying and segmenting the audiences into different types according to your strategy, marketing messages, selection of platforms and trend and season of the campaign. Based on the nature, potential and size of each audience set, assign a specific target of link clicks to that segment.


Create Content Plan for One-time & Periodical Publishing

Now, create one-time comprehensive and periodical content publishing plans so that you will have an overall content strategy structure but have the flexibility to create custom content and topics according to periodic trends and situations.


Create Content Topics for Relevant Audiences

You have to choose Content Topics that will be identified by your target audience to their business needs, lifestyles, professional pain points, problems, situations and expectations. Only such Content Topics attract customers to your brand content through search engines and keywords, and you will be able to achieve your Link Clicks target.


Decide the Content Distribution & Reach Out Methods

It is all fine with getting the content and setting the right audience for your promotion. But it is how best you distribute your brand content and links that will determine how many clicks you receive to your links in the end. Bearing in mind what your goals and audiences are, and what the potential of each platform for delivering your content and links to your target audience and the context of each of your content posts and web links, decide your content distribution pattern and methods so that you can maximize your link clicks from the relevant audience and fulfil your objectives.


Keep Incorporating Ideas to Step Up Link Clicks

If you have good people around, you can sustain your business results. 

If you have a good strategy, you can improve your results. 

If you have great ideas, you can achieve tremendous results. 

So, keep exploring for new and breath-taking ideas that will beat barriers, circumvent competition, avoid delays, smash stereotypes and build a bulwark of success for your brand. Don’t publish content for the heck of it and too in the conventional style. If you really want to break through the clutter, take extreme care that you do not just add up to the junk of useless content already out there but provide really valuable and timely content that will solve problems. It is not about the nature and ingredients of content, but about the ways how you introduce, publish and distribute your content. That creates demand and excitement about your content, and also search for your future content. This is how you can create demand for your quality and valuable information, inputs, recommendations and opinions through your brand and content. This generates natural clicks for your links and continuously helps it to grow.



Increasing clicks for your web links in the natural way through quality posts and great planning helps you to achieve more conversions for your business. But there are methods and steps to follow to get things right so that your efforts get meaningful and fruitful results. By following the steps and discussions herein, you will step forward and implement your Link Building process to promote your links and get click results to your expectation and beyond. The more focussed you are, the more accurate, voluminous and quality that your results will get.


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