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Minister Michael Wood lashes out at NZME talkback station’s use of ‘inorganic collection day’ photo on anti-state housing piece

Minister Michael Wood has lashed out at NZME’s talkback station’s use of an inorganic collection day photo as the main image on a story about a new Kainga Ora development being built in New Plymouth.

Newstalk ZB host Heather du Plessis-Allan shared a piece on-air and online about the new development, titled ‘I don’t think they are being judgemental. I think they’re being realistic’.

In du Plessis-Allan’s piece, she said locals “have very good reason to oppose it and should continue to oppose it and should definitely insist that it’s not in my backyard”.

“Anyone who supports a Kainga Ora/Housing NZ development in their neighbourhood at the moment is being foolish and naive as long as Kainga Ora/Housing NZ continues to run its no evictions policy,” she added.

But it was the image attached to the article that Wood had an issue with, as it showed a street of state housing with piles of rubbish on the front lawn. The photo was actually from Getty and depicted an inorganic collection day in Mt Roskill in 2011.

“I recognise this image. It’s a street I know well in the middle of Mt Roskill,” Wood tweeted.

“Proud, decent people who now have an image of inorganic collection day being used to create an impression that they are lazy, messy, and anti-social.

“Of course genuinely bad behaviour needs to be managed by the landlord, but this sort of inaccurate scare-mongering is just about stirring nasty class politics and clicks. We’ll keep building the houses our families need.”

Firstly, what a politically sleazy thing for Heather du Plessis-Allan and the property speculation pimps at NZME to falsely smear state house tenants with this classist bullshit and think they could get away with it!

What scumbags!

Secondly, how righteous is Michael Wood?

I had doubts when he was Nazi Hunting during Parliament’s Dumb Lives Matter protest, but his courage to stand up for a higher minimum wage in Cabinet and push for better public transport while denouncing these sorts of lazy right wing smears keeps marking him out as a politician of genuine conviction and value.


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