Let’s be honest about low Covid numbers – Kiwi’s have gone into stealth mode

Let’s be honest about the low Covid numbers – Kiwi’s have gone into stealth mode.

Most see that Covid will be a minor inconvenience to them health wise, some might get really sick and a few in specific target demos will die.

If you are double vexed with the booster, your chances of getting really sick and also infecting others is incredibly low.


If the State finds out you are infected, you suddenly have Bureaucrats running your life. You have forced house arrest and might have to stay in isolation for over 3 weeks.

Most Kiwi’s are beyond that now.

We aren’t scanning and we aren’t getting tested. We have gone into stealth mode and if we get sick we will self isolate without alerting authorities and if we get really sick, we’ll go to hospital.

Now sure, the ultra aggressive virtue signallers who have wrapped zero tolerance of Covid into their identity are still aggressively policing things, but look at the drop off in QR scanning and testing as a sea change against this.

Sure, this casual approach to avoid the State up in our grills will probably make the explosion of the Omicron wave far far far worse, but Covid fatigue and the ever increasingly bitter ranker social media hate algorithms have generated means less solidarity and more ‘fuck you’ responses.

Until the numbers of sick become titanic, most Kiwi’s will fly under the State’s radar.

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