Latest Jan 6 testimony proves Trump attempted a coup

Evidence shows Trump’s call to urge supporters to march to the Capitol was a ‘deliberate strategy,’ committee says

We all suspected the true level of derangement inside Trump’s Orange Fascism, but I even when its proven you still feel alarmed.

The compelling evidence already presented by the January 6th Committee clearly connects Trump to an inner circle of feral lunatic fascists prepared to lie about a theft of the election to overthrow the legitimate process for confirming the results.

Today’s evidence highlighted just how deliberate the manufacturing of lies and the plan to over throw the process was.

Trump was holding Court with crazy lunatics who were all advising him on how to steal the election while pretending they’ve had the election stolen! They were plotting in open an insurrection that then happened.

This is terrifyingly close to Hitler’s failed Beer Hall Putsch in the sense that Hitler tried an insurrection on and failed until he got re-elected.

If Trump is allowed to run, it presents an existential crisis to America and the Planet.

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