Latest cop gun fiasco highlights 501 sophistication (again)


Gun owners upset after sensitive firearms details stolen from former Auckland City police station

Police have revealed the details of around 400 gun owners – including names and possibly the types of firearms they had – were stolen from the old Auckland police station.

Sensitive documents were being stored inside the dilapidated and disused former Auckland City police station where staff no longer work.

…I think there are 2 issues here.

1 – The legal gun owner community are going to be enraged at this appalling breach of their privacy and immediate safety issues. For a group who are already feeling victimised and angry and resentful and whom will be called upon to sign up to the new gun registry, it’s a toxic cocktail of grievance and insecurity that is only adding fuel to extremism. Most legal gun owners in NZ that I know are pretty staunch buggers and if someone tries to steal their guns in the middle of the night, there’s a good chance they will fight back. It’s only a matter of time before this leak causes serious harm.

2 – It proves the point that TDB has been making for sometime now that the 501s are bringing a level of counter-intelligence tactics way outside the norm for the Police and domestic gangs. To know where to go and seize these shredded records and use them for the intel to steal guns or bribe locals is far in excess of local gangs and simply side stepped Police protractive tactics to keep these records safe.

These criminals knew what they were doing and knew what they were after. The cops only found out they were missing when they came across them in another search! This is another example of the level of sophistication the unpatched 501 syndicates now have over existing Policing practises.

This is going to require an upgrade of police defences and a realisation that the sophistication of these professional organised crime syndicates are way beyond the current capacity of NZ Police.

Look, the main tactic the NZ Police have is bullying confessions out of desperate people, does anyone honestly think for professionally hardened criminals a mean conversation from a lying Detective is going to be enough to crack them?


The Police to date have carried out 750 warrantless searches against these warring gang members, that’s a huge heavily armed fishing expedition we are embarking upon here with very little oversight.

We are not ready for this jelly folks.

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