Latest Auckland Mayoralty Poll: Winners, Losers & Predictions

Efeso: 27%

Leo: 23%

Viv Beck: 18%

Wayne: 15%

Craig Lord: 13%

Ted Johnston: 5%


The latest Auckland Mayoralty Race Polls are in and it’s a fascinating split in numbers that bewilderingly gives Leo Molloy the inside track!

What is the Auckland Left doing? It feels like a bunch of Wellington people running a campaign in a town they don’t know! I swear to Christ, if you screw up Efeso’s chances here through shear incompetence, there will be hell to pay!

There are of course political Winners and Losers.


The Spinoff: They managed to get $160 000 from NZ on Air to cover the local elections, despite shitting on Leo multiple times while giving Efeso never ending love! I support Fes, so this is great, but sweet Jesus how the Christ is it acceptable to give partisan media taxpayer money to shit on candidates they despise? Unbelievable decision by NZ on Air!

Apathy and confusion: A staggering 35% are undecided and barely 50% even bother to participate. This is an election based on ignorance and fear, that never works well for the Left.

Leo Molloy: Despite Fes gaining the lead, Leo has moved beyond the range of Beck and Wayne, which is a clear indicator to the Right that if they wish to defeat Efeso, the vote has to coalesce around Leo. The first Poll had the right all crowded around Leo, that they have now fallen away means he is the main candidate challenging Labour and the Greens. This is appallingly good news for Molloy.



Labour: What the fuck are they doing? If they lose Auckland, it will be a shockwave explosion nationally and would suggest Labour might lose Auckland in the 2023 election and that would be a devastating narrative to enter the election year with. Where is all the vaunted on the ground muscle that was promised? If Fes loses this, it will be because he didn’t get the support he should have gained!

CnR: A day after foolishly backing Beck, she tumbles in the polls. There’s no way she can win. CnR have backed the wrong horse again. They are clowns needing a circus.

Wayne Brown: Has plummeted in the polls, he’s now competing with Craig Lord for God’s sake! His vote will get up and walk to Molloy.

Anti-Mandate God Squad QAnon: Fuck off Ted, you NZ Conservative party freak show! Your weird God Squad shit don’t play in the city buddy, go twang that banjo in the rural heartland, we don’t burn crosses here in the city!



Labour and the Auckland Left Royalty have got to pull finger or Efeso will lose this and they will have a nightmare going into election year. There is a naked rage in Aucklanders who are sick to death of being told things are getting better when it’s materially getting worse.

Aucklanders don’t see the constant gridlock as progress at all and unless the Left in Auckland can get a clear message across from Efeso for policy that has an immediate impact on Aucklanders week to week living, those frustrated Aucklanders will gift their anger to Leo Molloy to use.


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